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       Jonel Antoine (Beatzbynel) took interest in music at an early age. By the age of three, he was beating on his mother’s pots and pans, with an ear to distinguish different tones based on pot sizes and densities. That same year, he took that interest to church, where he played drums for the very first time after a Christmas party. His church background played a major part in furthering his knowledge in music theory, while training his ears on music tunes.

    His passion for playing drums began to grow deeper, but he wanted to venture out into other instruments as well. At the age of nine, he taught himself how to play the piano. The piano was a Christmas gift from his dad to his sister, but that didn’t stop him from feeding his hunger for learning. This drive displayed his eagerness to learn. By sixteen, he was playing the bass and learning the guitar.

   He learned that every gift and talent he possessed, came from God, hard work, and dedication. Within that, he found his passion- being able to change the vibe of how you’re feeling without saying a word- rather by playing instruments.

     Driven by music’s way of bringing people together, Nel works to “make what’s in your head”, and produce any vibe or setting that any artist is looking to create.

      He now has placements with artists such as: “Kevin Gates”, “The Game”, “Young Greatness”, “GunPlay”, “Lil Mosey”, “Blueface”, “Kidd Kidd”, “Tru Carr”, “NBA OG 3Three”, “Coyote”, “Mac & Cheese”, & more. Nel is slowly rising to be amongst some of the top tier producers, as he imprints his soundwaves into the world of music.

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